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Pungle is excited to be part of the AWS Startup Central event on Thursday, September  20th, 2018.
We have been invited by Amazon to speak for an hour at the event.  Pungle’s very own, Lead Software Engineer, Stosh Fabricius, will be tackling a talk about “Scalable, Robust and Secure Real-Time Payment Processing”.
Pungle is one of the many startups that takes advantage of the superpowers from Amazon and AWS.

Here is a bit about the AWS Summit and Startup Central, directly from Amazon.

On Thursday, September 20th, AWS Startup Central will be hitting Canada for the first time at the AWS Summit – Toronto! Startup Central will be featured at the summit and will once again be a place for startups to meet, hear tech talks by other startups, and also have access to startup experts to get answers to your trickiest questions and some 1:1 time. The intent of the booth is to provide those attendees who are looking to grow and develop their startups with a collaborative experience, by featuring opportunities to make valuable connections, ask questions, and gain educational opportunities to learn.
This year’s Summit in Toronto will feature a few different areas, all aimed at providing startups with a beneficial place to meet and learn.
Startup Central: This is the main hub is a place where startups can meet, listen to talks by other startups, and get in-person answers to AWS technical questions. Note: Startup Central will be located within the main expo hall.
Ask a Startup Expert Bar: AWS startup experts will be onsite throughout the day to answer any technical questions you may have, whether they be product/service specific, or basic, foundational questions you may want clarification on. No appointment necessary!
Read the full Amazon post “Startup Central is coming to Toronto”, click here

Here’s a snippet from Stosh in his abstract about the talk.

In this talk, we will explore how Pungle leverages AWS products and services in order to to provide highly reliable, real-time business payments processing, while staying compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. We will highlight a few specific AWS services such as: SQS (for high throughput fault tolerant inter-service messaging), KMS (for payment card and financial account data encryption), and EC2 Auto Scaling (for handling increases and decreases in transaction requests), and describe how they are used within the Pungle Platform.
We are very excited to be part of the Amazon ecosystem and look forward to joining other companies at AWS Startup Central like Tulip Retail, StackAdapt, WattPad, Wealthsimple, Coinsquare, and Pungle.
Come join Pungle, learn about our real-time payments for business and how we scaled with AWS.
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