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How To Pungle Video Overview

Pungle business payments made easy.
Watch this quick 90-second video to see how easy it is to make a payment and just how simple it is for a recipient to accept a payment to the card of their choice.  This video will help provide an overview of Pungle – Business Payments Made Easy.

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Pungle A Quick Introduction Video

One of the questions we often get is “What is Pungle?”. Pungle provides real-time business payments and is considered the fintech for fintechs.  Pungle enables businesses to enhance cash flow management.

Watch this intro video to learn more about Pungle and real-time business payments.

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Seth Godin “Be Bold” Podcast

Listen to Seth Godin, interviewed by Edwin Fondozo today on The Business Leadership Podcast, sponsored by Pungle “Making Business Payments Easy”.

Pungle is a real-time business payments solution.  Get more Pungle info – click here

Hear from Seth Godin, Founder of altMBA on The Business Leadership Podcast powered by Pungle Payments and BizON #business #leadership #podcast

“Be Bold,” says Seth Godin on this week’s episode of The Business Leadership Podcast powered by Pungle Payments and BizON #business #leadership #podcast

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Lotteries & Gaming

It can be fun to play and exciting to win. For customer payouts, use APIs through the Pungle Payments Platform or embedded widgets to incorporate secure, flexible payment capabilities into your existing customer experience. Value added tools make it easy to manage,...

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About Pungle

The Pungle Payments platform allows clients to perform instant Visa and Mastercard transfers, as well as near real-time disbursements directly to a credit or debit account.