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What is Pungle? A Video Introduction

One of the most asked questions we get is, “What is Pungle?”.


Well simply stated, Pungle means to make a payment.  It is an old English word and can be used many different ways much like “Google”.

Google has become a verb, adjective, noun and everything under the sun.  You simply “Google” everything.  Sometimes you might even hear “I just Googled you”.

The term “Pungle” also can be used in many ways.  Such as;

I Pungle’d you > I paid you or I sent you a Payment

Pungle up > Pay up

Pungle (the company) provides real-time business payments and is considered the fintech for fintechs.  Our solution enables businesses to enhance cash flow management.

Today businesses need more options to manage cash flow.  Businesses need to be in control of their money, when they send it, how they send it and what service level they want to make payments with.  Real-time payments provide a whole new level of business payments never possible in the past.

More and more businesses are considering and using real-time payments with the help of technology like Pungle.  This allows businesses to hold onto funds longer, no pre-funding accounts required and yet, make payments on time, faster than previously possible with cheques, wire transfers, and EFT.

All types of companies benefit from real-time payments.

Some use cases include;

  • Commissions Payments
  • Expense Reimbursements
  • Insurance Settlements
  • Vendor Payments
  • Contractors and Suppliers Payments
  • Payroll – providing traditional payroll, only faster and the growing segment for the on-demand or gig economy with same day pay

The use cases are limitless.  Those that benefit the most are businesses of all sizes with the need to enhance cash flow management.  Companies that want to make more payments, more frequently and faster to increase recipient satisfaction.

What’s exciting is Pungle provides real-time business payments on a fixed fee per transaction subscription model.  Our clients always know exactly how much a transaction will cost, whether you are sending $50 or $50,000 to a business, contractor or employee.

Business Payments Made Easy with Pungle.

Ready to get started and make business payments easy, visit our Plans page 

To learn more about Pungle, read some of our blog posts, watch our videos or Contact Us using the form below.





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