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Great news!  (June Update)


We’ve been working very hard to deliver the best possible solution for real-time payments.  This is a Pungle Update.  As you may be aware, dealing with banks, acquirers, sponsors and all things financial technology are challenging, take time and resources.  

Of course, they do.  Well, it isn’t easy and that is why we are taking care of the hard work for you. To say we are excited is an understatement.  

Pungle is the fintech for fintechs.  

Pungle makes business payments easy.

With that said, we are putting the final pieces of the tech into place and getting ready to make our payments platform available to small, medium and large business very soon.

In fact, if all goes according to plan it will be this quarter for our early adopters and a public release later this summer.  

For our early adopters, we know you are anxiously awaiting access to the payments portal and turning on your API’s.  Thank you for being so patient. Your access is almost ready.

Our three core value propositions:

  • Security – unparalleled security for making payments with tokenization and segregated data.
  • Speed – transactions in less than 3 seconds to more than 90% of Canadian cards.
  • Simplicity – ensuring a fast, easy solution with a great UI  that we know you will love.

Things are starting to heat up at Pungle.  It’s not just the Canadian climate.

What else is going on you might ask?

Well not only are we delivering the most secure real-time payments solution in Canadian history.  But we are doing with a global reach, and we are adding features all the time.  This is crucial as we update our solution to deliver real-time payments.

Another Update to report; we recently added the ability to send payments to all PLUS enabled debit and credit cards.  This increased our reach to more than 90% of Canadians. Now that is exciting!

For more information and to be one of the first to make a real-time payment use this link:

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